Stafford PRIDE is an organization made up of volunteers committed to improving Stafford, Kansas.  Stafford is located in South Central Kansas, right in the heartland of America.  There are 1067 people who call Stafford “HOME.” 


If you live in the area and want to make a difference, feel free to join us! If you live somewhere else but want to see what we are doing, feel free to make Stafford your vacation destination. You won’t be disappointed!

"Community improvement happens when individuals can put
their personal differences aside to work for the benefit
of everyone."

Stafford PRIDE

Vision with action can change the world


The mission of Stafford PRIDE is to initiate, plan, implement and support programs for the Stafford Community to beautify and enhance the quality of life in our town, and to stimulate volunteerism and community spirit by promoting unity between all groups working for the good of Stafford.

792 NE 20th Street

Stafford, KS 67578

To contact us:

Phone: 620-234-6983


Text Box: This PRIDE organization has currently discontinued their meetings and projects. However, should more volunteers feel called to serve the community in this capacity, the organization can be re-activated again.